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Choosing the right therapist can be a hard thing to do when your not exactly sure who to go to and what you really need done. Most people out there don’t know or understand half the modalities that are out there and are being used and what they are being used for. So I decided to write this as a training guide for all you out there that want questions answered. I will also show you what can happen when the wrong decisions made. Not to scare you but to inform you that massage isn’t just luxury anymore and does have a great affect on the human body when done incorrectly.
Ok first off there are hundreds of therapist out there and even more modalities to choose from. No wonder everybody gets confused and doesn’t know how to choose or decided where to go. Most the time ending up in some franchise because they have a big name and so they must be good. Well not exactly or you find an independent that been in the industry forever and nationally certified they must really know their stuff right ? well not exactly it just means they know how to pass a test.
When choosing a therapist make sure you feel comfortable around them. I mean really comfortable enough to ask them any question in the world personal or not. Second they must be able to explain any and all modalities they offer to you to the point as if they were speaking to a child to were they even understand. Why would you get bodywork done that you don’t know what it is or how it’s done or even what the contraindications are for not doing it. Some modalities out if not done properly can harm or even leave a lasting result on some individuals that may have specific health issues or needs. If any therapist you meet doesn’t truly LISTEN to you I would be wary about using them. Part of our job in this industry is to have compassion and the ability to listen , I mean really listen to our clients. If you choose a therapist to have bodywork from and they start a session and you start to question in your mind what are they doing ? Why did they do that? This seems weird? Or even it doesn’t seem like they know what they are doing and you have to question at all about there training- get up, stop the session and leave . Don’t stay there and question the whole session which may end up in possibly harming to you. That is not what you went there for.
We as therapist are supposed to be trained in listening I mean really listening to our clients for their health issues, their depth of pressure tolerance ( whether they like light , med, or deep pressure) and even when they do tell us which one , we are trained to check in during a session to make sure that it’s the right pressure for you! If they don’t ask in the beginning or even check in during the session that is down right neglect of a client. Does your therapist sit you down and discuss a health intake form with you making sure they are aware of any issues or do they even make you fill one out. We are trained in yes to both those questions not only for your safety but our own as a therapist. If a therapist can sit you down and go over a intake and really show you they are listening and understand everything you tell them and can explain to you without a doubt what they are going to do, how it is done and why they are using that modality on you to your satisfaction then and only then have you chosen a right therapist for you. You will feel it , there should be some sort of connection there of mutual understanding and compassion.
On the flip side of choosing the wrong therapist and I speak from experience, me I should have known better as I to am a therapist myself. But, I thought ok we are both professionals here and forgo what we tell our clients to do , WRONG BIG MISTAKE ! Even therapist need to be choosey as well. This is what can happen and the result of a bad session gone wrong. I recently did a trade of service with another LMT( licensed massage therapist) mind you I did not know them. It was my first time meeting them & we chatted briefly not so much about me or health issue just chatting shop talk if you will. I did inform the therapist that I did in fact have fibromyalgia and that I could not have trigger point work done. Now any fibro patient or client can not have trigger point due to the destruction of the muscle tissues causing a full body flair for up to 10 days. This therapist is like well can you handle ( said modality) and I told them I don’t know I’ve never had it before mind you I didn’t know what it was because I’m not trained in that modality nor did they explain truly what it was just that it was a form of deep tissue. So come to find out after the fact this said modality that they used on me was another type of trigger point. NOW if they would have truly LISTENED to me in the beginning of not being able to have trigger point done they would have known not to do it that would have been what we call a contraindication meaning don’t do it or use caution. Now again as I stated about if you have to question any of their moves during a session to stop the session and leave , In fact did not do that when I should have, yes I questioned the whole hour, why did they use that stroke? I wasn’t trained to do that that way. Where are they? Why was that done that way? Right there I should have stopped the session. Not one time was I asked about depth of pressure and again I should have said something. But as a professional I know not all clients will, we are supposed to be trained professions , we are trained to check in with our clients for their safety in the end this is the painful result that I was left with and am still nursing these now. This is also the reason I chose to write this a a learning tool not only for myself to live and learn but to teach the common client on how to find a good therapist and not end up like this. This photo is of severe bruising on the underneath side of my left arm near the lymph nodes in the auxiliary part of my armpit which is dangerous , note both of my arms are like this

So for your safety and education this is why I had to write this.


Why I became an LMT, that’s a good question .in the beginning I don’t really know why but that I just needed a lifestyle change from the same old stressful rut that I was in. So the reason I became an LMT is this-this is my story .
Back when I started school to be an LMT I was just in it for a change in my life and to experience the college lifestyle. As I went through my classes, I started seeing different aspects of my choices in a different light. When I went through my Reiki certification training I had an experience that was a profound AHA ! moment in my life. The woman I was grouped to work with, I got to know very well over the coarse of a year and a half she was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met not only on the outside but inside as well . She had a heart of gold and would do anything for you even though her life was imploding because she was battling breast cancer. This woman who I will call Jan for privacy issues. Had just had to have a radical double mastectomy then she had reconstruction surgery then had to have them removed because one had ruptured as well as Jan was also going through chemo and radiation she lost all her hair became very thin but she still had this heart of gold. I worked with her even after I was out and certified to help her through this Tornado she was living free of charge. Now during the training in my own life after I had met and started working with Jan, My own mother was diagnosed at the age of 74 with breast cancer so for me this hit too close to home. I was never really a religious person yes I’ve done the church and Sunday school thing growing up but had never really stuck with one thing. So when all this turmoil started it threw me into a huge whirlwind of life , faith, hope.. In reality I experienced so much through my Reiki training it literally set me on this spiritual journey that has truly evolved over the last 2 yrs of my life. It has instilled a deep compassion in me to help others heal within themselves what needs to be healed. I have made it my life’s mission to help as many as I can in the heal modality of massage and Reiki to heal within to make a brighter healthier world. I’ve seen what regular routine bodyworks can do for the human body as far as health benefits as I suffer from Fibromyalgia and without the routine bodywork I have done all the time on a routine basis for maintenance, I would not be able to do this job!
So having a deep sense of compassion to help people become educated in their health and wellness and healing themselves with in naturally that is why I became a LMT !

Masseuse or Massage Therapist? What’s the difference there both the same…. Right ?…… Wrong they aren’t aren’t the same. I get this a lot and get referred to as a masseuse when people are uneducated in the difference so here it is. The politically correct term for someone who does Therapeutic Bodywork or Massage Therapy is … A Massage Therapist. A massage therapist is someone who manipulates muscles and tissues to release the tension and stress of disfunctional muscles and tissues due to an injury , surgery , stress, disease and illness etc. A massage therapist helps a client heal and relax and better the over all well being for a healthy life or lifestyle . A Masseuse on the other hand by a dictionary definition is: a woman who works in giving a massage .over the decades, massage has acquired a bad reputation by others who tended to offer more then just a massage so society came to look at all massage therapist as a masseuse whether you were male or female therapist.which sort have ruined it for the rest of us who legitimately care in healing and helping people regain the life without pain . So every time I am referred to as a masseuse I re educate all my clients as to the correct terminology and what it stands for when they call me a masseuse. Usually they are like oh my I so sorry I didn’t mean that , I didn’t know there was a difference.. Well my friends there is ! So to put it bluntly a Massage Therapist is a professional LMT who is dedicated to healing and well being of their clients over all health and are compassionate in what they do. A Masseuse is a person that does the basic rub and tug and will give extras for extra charges. Sorry for the bluntness but now can people see the difference that it makes? It’s almost an insult to your massage therapist when you refer to them as a masseuse. It gives the legitimate profession a bad connotations . So if you are looking for some healing and relief from achey sore or painful muscles or an injury then you need to seek a Massage Therapist. And please people when you do get a massage if it was a good one please tip your Massage therapist as not all of them make a lot and they deserve it for all they do ! Thanks for reading and I hope it was informative. Don’t forget to visit us at Http://

Deep Tissue vs.Deep Pressure what’s the difference? Well there is a difference and many people get them confused. When I have clients come in my shop , book themselves for deep tissue thinking its the same thing as deep pressure. Well there not! Deep pressure is just the amount of pressure we use on the body by using our body mechanics in different ways. Deep tissue on the other hand is used to correct and help heal and restructure damaged or dysfunctional tissues and muscles in the body , like people who have painful points in their body known as trigger points can be relieved by deep tissue trigger point therapy, which a deep pressure Swedish would phase it. So every client that comes to me I try and educate them on the difference . As soon as they know the difference they come back and say well I don’t have issues I just want more pressure . So the next time they book they get what they want not what they thought was what they wanted and they are so much more happy after their sessions, it makes all the difference if the client understands the different terms so that someone who’s just looking for deep relaxation doesn’t walk away with majorly sore muscles the following day think , ” what did they do, I’m so sore”. When in doubt ask your therapist what your looking for they can educate you on the different modalities that’s what they went to school for after all , and you will be much more pleased with your experience in getting a massage. Us as therapist don’t know what you want we are going on what you are yelling us even though we may see different things that are wrong . If you have a good therapist they will tell you before they even lay hands on you. Be proactive in your sessions, tell your therapist if it hurts, they can’t tell unless your say something for them to adjust their pressure or modality. They can’t read your mind. Massage is not suppose to hurt …. Well unless your getting trigger point done LoL! But that’s a good hurt 🙂 . Help us help you be the best you , you can be!

Do you feel some days like things are backwards or not going in the right direction ? Do you sometime feel achey or sick when you know your not? On some days do you just feel discombobulated of some sorts? Do you deal with stress in your life? If you answered yes to any or all if those questions you may want to check this out. Do you know or have you heard of Reiki? Reiki has been around for over 2,500 yrs. as a relaxing energy method of healing by the movement of life force energy or known as (chi)- in Chinese or (ki)- in Japanese to unblock energy sen lines or meridians in the body for optimum natural healing abilities. Reiki was rediscovered in the early 1900’s by a Tibetan monk – Dr. Usui Mikieto who was also a Reiki Master. The easiest way to explain reiki that I tell my clients is … I take them back to grade school for a brief science lesson so here we go- back in science class you remember learning about ( atoms & electrons) well when we are conceived in the womb before becoming a fetus we start as atoms then become cells and so on so since we start as atoms aren’t atoms energy? AHA! So indirectly we are made of energy- you following me so far ? …… Good! Now energy in the body travels in circles and when there is a blockage in any or the sen lines or meridians the energy can not flow freely if the energy can not flow freely it stops and that’s when all the dysfunction, disease , illness , etc. start to invade the body creating havoc. When doing a Reiki session the practitioner or master does not direct the energy where to go Reiki goes where it needs to go to help in te healing process. So a practitioner or master would move the energy around in the body using specific hand positions to free up the blockage , when that is done Reiki free’s up the blocked areas so that the energy can flow freely again and activate the bodies own natural healing abilities know as the flight or fight response that sends out what the body need to heal itself . Reiki has been proven to aide in deep relaxation, tension reduction, better sleep, lower blood pressure and heart rate and even helps with pain and nausea. Reiki has been used in many hospitals as a complimentary therapy with western medicine in cancer patients.

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Hustle and bustle of life

In today’s busy society of all the hustle and bustling to get the job done , to meet that dead line and to score that last sale just so people can pay their bills and mortgages on time. They forget to stop and smell the roses along the way. Over long periods of time that chronic overload of stress that they invite starts to set up shop in their body. Then one morning we are waking up with aches and pains we never noticed before. Stiffness and soreness tired achy muscles the list goes on. Yes on one hand we are getting old but there are lots of elderly people who can do yoga with the best of them so there’s no excuse for health. When chronic stress sets up in the body it wears down the immune system creating all sorts of havoc on your body. I f people would just stop I mean just stop in the middle of their day doesn’t matter what you doing just stop and talk a deep breathe, then take another one it takes less then 3 minutes to do it helps combats some of that stress that your body takes on. Most people used to think that massage was for luxury pampering well , not anymore it is scientifically proved that massage when used as a routine maintenance on the body has very many benefits for health in your body it lowers you blood pressure , it slows your heart rate, it allows you to sleep better and breathe deeper. It relaxes the muscles , it improves circulation and range of motion . And a long list more. It even controls headaches and pain . With using massage as a regular maintenance on the body could add years to your longevity. So when you are at work and the noise and the bustle are passing by you take the time to just breathe… To release some of that stress which over time could cause heart attacks , strokes , illness and disease. For your health take the time to take care of you. Massages aren’t just an investment they are an investment in your health and future !
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April is the month for awareness . Awareness of the negative effects that chronic undue stress has on the human body and how massage used as a routine maintenance for their body can actually make a difference in their lives . Stress plays severe havoc on the body when the body is under stress it goes into the fight or flight response sending all sorts of signals everywhere in your body telling it that you under attack so your body has to work double time to keep you healthy which in turn runs down your natural defenses. When your body is under stress it can create headaches , back problems, relate your blood pressure, muscle pain and tension as well as spams, it creates anxiety, it elevates your heart rate can cause heart attacks, heart failure or even strokes . When you get a massage you probably think Ahhhhhh this is all fluff and buff .. Welp to your surprise it is not just fluff and buff a Massage can actually lower your blood pressure, lower your heart rate, increases circulation in the body,ease and even eliminate muscle tension and pain as well as spasms too. It relaxes the body to point of a feeling of relaxation , calmness and over all well being sort of euphoria. Massage when used in conjunction of a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise can keep your body in a most optimum working ability and keep you healthier longer then with out it. So the next time you are getting a massage stop to think of all the good you are doing for your body to maintain optimum health !!

Aromatherapy is not just a good smell anymore….

Technically it hasn’t been for a long time. Aromatherapy has been use since the time of the pharaohs in Egypt . Many many plants are used to distill their oils for not only great scents in perfumes , spas , candles, etc. But for their therapeutic properties.
Yes essential oils if they are 100% pure essential oils can be used for therapeutic purposes. Such as cuts , bruises, sprain and strains, sore muscles, coughs , colds you name it.
Each oil has its own properties that either work as an stringent, antibiotic, antiviral, anti-fungal. Essential oils can be used for almost anything. But there are certain oils that cannot be used because they are toxic.
There are three ways these oils can be used for therapeutic purposes and they are by inhaling ( breathing it in ) , by topical ( use on the skin ) , and by ingesting ( taking it orally ) – note: not to be done unless you know what you are doing or have been advised by a professional.
The inhaling method is when you are breathing in the scent or fume of the essential oil , you are actually breathing in the microscopic molecules from the oil which go into your lungs, then blood stream, then to your organs.
The topical method is when it used directly on the skin either by using it neat ( straight from bottle ) or in a massage oil or lotion. When applied to the skin the oil absorbs through the skin into the tissues and bloodstream and then to your organs.
The ingestion method is by ingesting specific amounts of the Hydrosol form of the essential oil by using it that way it enters the mouth and goes to the stomach, small intestines into the bloodstream and ten to your organs.
Essential oils do not cure people but they help you get better faster because they are natural not chemical . Essential oils are also not to take place of a physician in any means . But, they do work and are very helpful. Some essential oils are considered pain receivers, some are wide spectrum antibiotic , antiviral and anti- fungal, antiseptic and anti inflammatory .
Essential oils can be used in so many ways such as inhalation , massages, baths , compresses, vaporization , mists , room deodorizer, neat ( straight from bottle ) , douches and tampons, mouthwashes and gargles, as well as for beauty purposes like facial masks, scenting candles and the list goes on.
Aromatherapy as instated earlier isn’t just for a good smell anymore but they do smell awesome when blended just right. Some oils even have. A sedation effect making you feel calm and relaxed such as Lavendar , eucalyptus and lemongrass while others invigorate and stimulate such as clove and sweet orange. Some have a expectorant effect such as Rose-Mary and Tea Tree. Again essential oils should only be used therapeutically when advised by a professional.
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Hope this blog has been helpful and enjoyable in regards to Aromatherapy. 🙂

If you’ve never had a profession massage done before in your life , you may not know what to expect on your first visit. You may be thinking do I have to undress? , will they see me naked?, Oh my gosh I hate my body …. all these feelings are normal and to answer and calm a few of these fears I want to let you know what us as therapists real feel think and see when doing our job.

   As a therapist myself …. Yes most clients fully undress when getting a massage but, we as therapist never see you that way. you undress only to your comfort level we can always work around things like that. When we do our job we aren’t thinking OPh my goodness they didn’t shave or wow this person  need to lose/gain weight , what really are thinking is which muscle is the muscle giving or creating the problem , or is the a trigger point or a tender point. when we look at people bodies we are seeing muscles , attachment sites and and feeling below the skin within the tissues … that is our job. As far as seeing people disrobed the only body parts that are seen or exposed  are only the body part being worked on at that very moment everything else is covered. not only for the modesty and safety and security of our clients but for our modesty and security as well.

  Getting a massage done for the very first time can be intimidating but the experience you leave with will last a lifetime . Most Therapist take pride in catering to eat of there clients to obtain repeat business.. So if there is something not right with your session … Speak Up a therapist will usually go out of their way to make it right and correct the situation.

   An investment in a massage is an investment in your health. not just for relaxation as welImagel ……      Namaste !   Kathy LMT,CRM

  Do you know your metabolic type? if you don’t here’s how to find out which one you are …..

According to DR. OZ …


. you have a strong appetite and often feel hungry soon after eating

. you crave mostly fatty, salty foods like fries and chips.

. you’re prone to feeling wired and tired, especially after eating carbs- they give you fast energy,but soon after eating, your sleepy

. you tend to be talkative and outgoing .

. you have a family history of having type 1 or type 2 diabetes ( or have one of the conditions yourself)

. your body is strong and stocky.

. Your immune system is strong – you rarely catch whats going around such as illnesses and flu viruses.


.you have a weak appetite and sometimes forget to eat because you just aren’t hungry.

. You mostly crave  sweets like cake and candy.

. yOu often rely on caffeinated drinks to keeps your energy levels up.

. consuming meals rich in protein( like meats) makes you feel bloated or sluggish.

. you’ve been described as ambitious and organized but often feel stressed and tend to be sensitive.

. You have long limbs, and your body seems to be built for endurance rather than strength.

. you often catch circulating illnesses like colds and flus.


.You’re appetite is unpredictable, so sometimes you’re starving between meals and other times you can go hours without eating.

.You crave sweet and salty food ( like chocolate -covered peanuts).

.you feel tired after eating meals or snacks  that don’t have a balanced mix of nutrients ( like like a candy bar or a slice of cheese and crackers.)

.you tens to be anxious.

.your prone to aches and pains.

 .you have an athletic build and can excel at both strength and endurance- related tasks.

. if you skip meals or eat junk you’ll catch any bug that’s going around.


     In order to lose the weight you need to eat foods that are for your metabolic type. So if your a tigress you need to eat 50% proteins, 30% fats, and 20% carbs to lose the weight and be healthy. If you are a Gazelle then you need to eat 70% carbs, 20% proteins, and 10%fats. If you are a fox then you need to eat 33% carbs , 33%proteins and 33% fats …

 So according to the studies tat Dr.OZ has done you need to eat for your body type in order to lose the un wanted weight and be healthy along with moderate exercise  and being active.

Eat healthy to Be Healthy……