If you’ve never had a profession massage done before in your life , you may not know what to expect on your first visit. You may be thinking do I have to undress? , will they see me naked?, Oh my gosh I hate my body …. all these feelings are normal and to answer and calm a few of these fears I want to let you know what us as therapists real feel think and see when doing our job.

   As a therapist myself …. Yes most clients fully undress when getting a massage but, we as therapist never see you that way. you undress only to your comfort level we can always work around things like that. When we do our job we aren’t thinking OPh my goodness they didn’t shave or wow this person  need to lose/gain weight , what really are thinking is which muscle is the muscle giving or creating the problem , or is the a trigger point or a tender point. when we look at people bodies we are seeing muscles , attachment sites and and feeling below the skin within the tissues … that is our job. As far as seeing people disrobed the only body parts that are seen or exposed  are only the body part being worked on at that very moment everything else is covered. not only for the modesty and safety and security of our clients but for our modesty and security as well.

  Getting a massage done for the very first time can be intimidating but the experience you leave with will last a lifetime . Most Therapist take pride in catering to eat of there clients to obtain repeat business.. So if there is something not right with your session … Speak Up a therapist will usually go out of their way to make it right and correct the situation.

   An investment in a massage is an investment in your health. not just for relaxation as welImagel ……      Namaste !   Kathy LMT,CRM