Masseuse or Massage Therapist? What’s the difference there both the same…. Right ?…… Wrong they aren’t aren’t the same. I get this a lot and get referred to as a masseuse when people are uneducated in the difference so here it is. The politically correct term for someone who does Therapeutic Bodywork or Massage Therapy is … A Massage Therapist. A massage therapist is someone who manipulates muscles and tissues to release the tension and stress of disfunctional muscles and tissues due to an injury , surgery , stress, disease and illness etc. A massage therapist helps a client heal and relax and better the over all well being for a healthy life or lifestyle . A Masseuse on the other hand by a dictionary definition is: a woman who works in giving a massage .over the decades, massage has acquired a bad reputation by others who tended to offer more then just a massage so society came to look at all massage therapist as a masseuse whether you were male or female therapist.which sort have ruined it for the rest of us who legitimately care in healing and helping people regain the life without pain . So every time I am referred to as a masseuse I re educate all my clients as to the correct terminology and what it stands for when they call me a masseuse. Usually they are like oh my I so sorry I didn’t mean that , I didn’t know there was a difference.. Well my friends there is ! So to put it bluntly a Massage Therapist is a professional LMT who is dedicated to healing and well being of their clients over all health and are compassionate in what they do. A Masseuse is a person that does the basic rub and tug and will give extras for extra charges. Sorry for the bluntness but now can people see the difference that it makes? It’s almost an insult to your massage therapist when you refer to them as a masseuse. It gives the legitimate profession a bad connotations . So if you are looking for some healing and relief from achey sore or painful muscles or an injury then you need to seek a Massage Therapist. And please people when you do get a massage if it was a good one please tip your Massage therapist as not all of them make a lot and they deserve it for all they do ! Thanks for reading and I hope it was informative. Don’t forget to visit us at Http://