Aromatherapy is not just a good smell anymore….

Technically it hasn’t been for a long time. Aromatherapy has been use since the time of the pharaohs in Egypt . Many many plants are used to distill their oils for not only great scents in perfumes , spas , candles, etc. But for their therapeutic properties.
Yes essential oils if they are 100% pure essential oils can be used for therapeutic purposes. Such as cuts , bruises, sprain and strains, sore muscles, coughs , colds you name it.
Each oil has its own properties that either work as an stringent, antibiotic, antiviral, anti-fungal. Essential oils can be used for almost anything. But there are certain oils that cannot be used because they are toxic.
There are three ways these oils can be used for therapeutic purposes and they are by inhaling ( breathing it in ) , by topical ( use on the skin ) , and by ingesting ( taking it orally ) – note: not to be done unless you know what you are doing or have been advised by a professional.
The inhaling method is when you are breathing in the scent or fume of the essential oil , you are actually breathing in the microscopic molecules from the oil which go into your lungs, then blood stream, then to your organs.
The topical method is when it used directly on the skin either by using it neat ( straight from bottle ) or in a massage oil or lotion. When applied to the skin the oil absorbs through the skin into the tissues and bloodstream and then to your organs.
The ingestion method is by ingesting specific amounts of the Hydrosol form of the essential oil by using it that way it enters the mouth and goes to the stomach, small intestines into the bloodstream and ten to your organs.
Essential oils do not cure people but they help you get better faster because they are natural not chemical . Essential oils are also not to take place of a physician in any means . But, they do work and are very helpful. Some essential oils are considered pain receivers, some are wide spectrum antibiotic , antiviral and anti- fungal, antiseptic and anti inflammatory .
Essential oils can be used in so many ways such as inhalation , massages, baths , compresses, vaporization , mists , room deodorizer, neat ( straight from bottle ) , douches and tampons, mouthwashes and gargles, as well as for beauty purposes like facial masks, scenting candles and the list goes on.
Aromatherapy as instated earlier isn’t just for a good smell anymore but they do smell awesome when blended just right. Some oils even have. A sedation effect making you feel calm and relaxed such as Lavendar , eucalyptus and lemongrass while others invigorate and stimulate such as clove and sweet orange. Some have a expectorant effect such as Rose-Mary and Tea Tree. Again essential oils should only be used therapeutically when advised by a professional.
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Hope this blog has been helpful and enjoyable in regards to Aromatherapy. đŸ™‚