Why I became an LMT, that’s a good question .in the beginning I don’t really know why but that I just needed a lifestyle change from the same old stressful rut that I was in. So the reason I became an LMT is this-this is my story .
Back when I started school to be an LMT I was just in it for a change in my life and to experience the college lifestyle. As I went through my classes, I started seeing different aspects of my choices in a different light. When I went through my Reiki certification training I had an experience that was a profound AHA ! moment in my life. The woman I was grouped to work with, I got to know very well over the coarse of a year and a half she was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met not only on the outside but inside as well . She had a heart of gold and would do anything for you even though her life was imploding because she was battling breast cancer. This woman who I will call Jan for privacy issues. Had just had to have a radical double mastectomy then she had reconstruction surgery then had to have them removed because one had ruptured as well as Jan was also going through chemo and radiation she lost all her hair became very thin but she still had this heart of gold. I worked with her even after I was out and certified to help her through this Tornado she was living free of charge. Now during the training in my own life after I had met and started working with Jan, My own mother was diagnosed at the age of 74 with breast cancer so for me this hit too close to home. I was never really a religious person yes I’ve done the church and Sunday school thing growing up but had never really stuck with one thing. So when all this turmoil started it threw me into a huge whirlwind of life , faith, hope.. In reality I experienced so much through my Reiki training it literally set me on this spiritual journey that has truly evolved over the last 2 yrs of my life. It has instilled a deep compassion in me to help others heal within themselves what needs to be healed. I have made it my life’s mission to help as many as I can in the heal modality of massage and Reiki to heal within to make a brighter healthier world. I’ve seen what regular routine bodyworks can do for the human body as far as health benefits as I suffer from Fibromyalgia and without the routine bodywork I have done all the time on a routine basis for maintenance, I would not be able to do this job!
So having a deep sense of compassion to help people become educated in their health and wellness and healing themselves with in naturally that is why I became a LMT !