Choosing the right therapist can be a hard thing to do when your not exactly sure who to go to and what you really need done. Most people out there don’t know or understand half the modalities that are out there and are being used and what they are being used for. So I decided to write this as a training guide for all you out there that want questions answered. I will also show you what can happen when the wrong decisions made. Not to scare you but to inform you that massage isn’t just luxury anymore and does have a great affect on the human body when done incorrectly.
Ok first off there are hundreds of therapist out there and even more modalities to choose from. No wonder everybody gets confused and doesn’t know how to choose or decided where to go. Most the time ending up in some franchise because they have a big name and so they must be good. Well not exactly or you find an independent that been in the industry forever and nationally certified they must really know their stuff right ? well not exactly it just means they know how to pass a test.
When choosing a therapist make sure you feel comfortable around them. I mean really comfortable enough to ask them any question in the world personal or not. Second they must be able to explain any and all modalities they offer to you to the point as if they were speaking to a child to were they even understand. Why would you get bodywork done that you don’t know what it is or how it’s done or even what the contraindications are for not doing it. Some modalities out if not done properly can harm or even leave a lasting result on some individuals that may have specific health issues or needs. If any therapist you meet doesn’t truly LISTEN to you I would be wary about using them. Part of our job in this industry is to have compassion and the ability to listen , I mean really listen to our clients. If you choose a therapist to have bodywork from and they start a session and you start to question in your mind what are they doing ? Why did they do that? This seems weird? Or even it doesn’t seem like they know what they are doing and you have to question at all about there training- get up, stop the session and leave . Don’t stay there and question the whole session which may end up in possibly harming to you. That is not what you went there for.
We as therapist are supposed to be trained in listening I mean really listening to our clients for their health issues, their depth of pressure tolerance ( whether they like light , med, or deep pressure) and even when they do tell us which one , we are trained to check in during a session to make sure that it’s the right pressure for you! If they don’t ask in the beginning or even check in during the session that is down right neglect of a client. Does your therapist sit you down and discuss a health intake form with you making sure they are aware of any issues or do they even make you fill one out. We are trained in yes to both those questions not only for your safety but our own as a therapist. If a therapist can sit you down and go over a intake and really show you they are listening and understand everything you tell them and can explain to you without a doubt what they are going to do, how it is done and why they are using that modality on you to your satisfaction then and only then have you chosen a right therapist for you. You will feel it , there should be some sort of connection there of mutual understanding and compassion.
On the flip side of choosing the wrong therapist and I speak from experience, me I should have known better as I to am a therapist myself. But, I thought ok we are both professionals here and forgo what we tell our clients to do , WRONG BIG MISTAKE ! Even therapist need to be choosey as well. This is what can happen and the result of a bad session gone wrong. I recently did a trade of service with another LMT( licensed massage therapist) mind you I did not know them. It was my first time meeting them & we chatted briefly not so much about me or health issue just chatting shop talk if you will. I did inform the therapist that I did in fact have fibromyalgia and that I could not have trigger point work done. Now any fibro patient or client can not have trigger point due to the destruction of the muscle tissues causing a full body flair for up to 10 days. This therapist is like well can you handle ( said modality) and I told them I don’t know I’ve never had it before mind you I didn’t know what it was because I’m not trained in that modality nor did they explain truly what it was just that it was a form of deep tissue. So come to find out after the fact this said modality that they used on me was another type of trigger point. NOW if they would have truly LISTENED to me in the beginning of not being able to have trigger point done they would have known not to do it that would have been what we call a contraindication meaning don’t do it or use caution. Now again as I stated about if you have to question any of their moves during a session to stop the session and leave , In fact did not do that when I should have, yes I questioned the whole hour, why did they use that stroke? I wasn’t trained to do that that way. Where are they? Why was that done that way? Right there I should have stopped the session. Not one time was I asked about depth of pressure and again I should have said something. But as a professional I know not all clients will, we are supposed to be trained professions , we are trained to check in with our clients for their safety in the end this is the painful result that I was left with and am still nursing these now. This is also the reason I chose to write this a a learning tool not only for myself to live and learn but to teach the common client on how to find a good therapist and not end up like this. This photo is of severe bruising on the underneath side of my left arm near the lymph nodes in the auxiliary part of my armpit which is dangerous , note both of my arms are like this

So for your safety and education this is why I had to write this.