In today’s busy society of all the hustle and bustling to get the job done , to meet that dead line and to score that last sale just so people can pay their bills and mortgages on time. They forget to stop and smell the roses along the way. Over long periods of time that chronic overload of stress that they invite starts to set up shop in their body. Then one morning we are waking up with aches and pains we never noticed before. Stiffness and soreness tired achy muscles the list goes on. Yes on one hand we are getting old but there are lots of elderly people who can do yoga with the best of them so there’s no excuse for health. When chronic stress sets up in the body it wears down the immune system creating all sorts of havoc on your body. I f people would just stop I mean just stop in the middle of their day doesn’t matter what you doing just stop and talk a deep breathe, then take another one it takes less then 3 minutes to do it helps combats some of that stress that your body takes on. Most people used to think that massage was for luxury pampering well , not anymore it is scientifically proved that massage when used as a routine maintenance on the body has very many benefits for health in your body it lowers you blood pressure , it slows your heart rate, it allows you to sleep better and breathe deeper. It relaxes the muscles , it improves circulation and range of motion . And a long list more. It even controls headaches and pain . With using massage as a regular maintenance on the body could add years to your longevity. So when you are at work and the noise and the bustle are passing by you take the time to just breathe… To release some of that stress which over time could cause heart attacks , strokes , illness and disease. For your health take the time to take care of you. Massages aren’t just an investment they are an investment in your health and future !
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