April is the month for awareness . Awareness of the negative effects that chronic undue stress has on the human body and how massage used as a routine maintenance for their body can actually make a difference in their lives . Stress plays severe havoc on the body when the body is under stress it goes into the fight or flight response sending all sorts of signals everywhere in your body telling it that you under attack so your body has to work double time to keep you healthy which in turn runs down your natural defenses. When your body is under stress it can create headaches , back problems, relate your blood pressure, muscle pain and tension as well as spams, it creates anxiety, it elevates your heart rate can cause heart attacks, heart failure or even strokes . When you get a massage you probably think Ahhhhhh this is all fluff and buff .. Welp to your surprise it is not just fluff and buff a Massage can actually lower your blood pressure, lower your heart rate, increases circulation in the body,ease and even eliminate muscle tension and pain as well as spasms too. It relaxes the body to point of a feeling of relaxation , calmness and over all well being sort of euphoria. Massage when used in conjunction of a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise can keep your body in a most optimum working ability and keep you healthier longer then with out it. So the next time you are getting a massage stop to think of all the good you are doing for your body to maintain optimum health !!