Do you feel some days like things are backwards or not going in the right direction ? Do you sometime feel achey or sick when you know your not? On some days do you just feel discombobulated of some sorts? Do you deal with stress in your life? If you answered yes to any or all if those questions you may want to check this out. Do you know or have you heard of Reiki? Reiki has been around for over 2,500 yrs. as a relaxing energy method of healing by the movement of life force energy or known as (chi)- in Chinese or (ki)- in Japanese to unblock energy sen lines or meridians in the body for optimum natural healing abilities. Reiki was rediscovered in the early 1900’s by a Tibetan monk – Dr. Usui Mikieto who was also a Reiki Master. The easiest way to explain reiki that I tell my clients is … I take them back to grade school for a brief science lesson so here we go- back in science class you remember learning about ( atoms & electrons) well when we are conceived in the womb before becoming a fetus we start as atoms then become cells and so on so since we start as atoms aren’t atoms energy? AHA! So indirectly we are made of energy- you following me so far ? …… Good! Now energy in the body travels in circles and when there is a blockage in any or the sen lines or meridians the energy can not flow freely if the energy can not flow freely it stops and that’s when all the dysfunction, disease , illness , etc. start to invade the body creating havoc. When doing a Reiki session the practitioner or master does not direct the energy where to go Reiki goes where it needs to go to help in te healing process. So a practitioner or master would move the energy around in the body using specific hand positions to free up the blockage , when that is done Reiki free’s up the blocked areas so that the energy can flow freely again and activate the bodies own natural healing abilities know as the flight or fight response that sends out what the body need to heal itself . Reiki has been proven to aide in deep relaxation, tension reduction, better sleep, lower blood pressure and heart rate and even helps with pain and nausea. Reiki has been used in many hospitals as a complimentary therapy with western medicine in cancer patients.

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