Deep Tissue vs.Deep Pressure what’s the difference? Well there is a difference and many people get them confused. When I have clients come in my shop , book themselves for deep tissue thinking its the same thing as deep pressure. Well there not! Deep pressure is just the amount of pressure we use on the body by using our body mechanics in different ways. Deep tissue on the other hand is used to correct and help heal and restructure damaged or dysfunctional tissues and muscles in the body , like people who have painful points in their body known as trigger points can be relieved by deep tissue trigger point therapy, which a deep pressure Swedish would phase it. So every client that comes to me I try and educate them on the difference . As soon as they know the difference they come back and say well I don’t have issues I just want more pressure . So the next time they book they get what they want not what they thought was what they wanted and they are so much more happy after their sessions, it makes all the difference if the client understands the different terms so that someone who’s just looking for deep relaxation doesn’t walk away with majorly sore muscles the following day think , ” what did they do, I’m so sore”. When in doubt ask your therapist what your looking for they can educate you on the different modalities that’s what they went to school for after all , and you will be much more pleased with your experience in getting a massage. Us as therapist don’t know what you want we are going on what you are yelling us even though we may see different things that are wrong . If you have a good therapist they will tell you before they even lay hands on you. Be proactive in your sessions, tell your therapist if it hurts, they can’t tell unless your say something for them to adjust their pressure or modality. They can’t read your mind. Massage is not suppose to hurt …. Well unless your getting trigger point done LoL! But that’s a good hurt 🙂 . Help us help you be the best you , you can be!