Do you know your metabolic type? if you don’t here’s how to find out which one you are …..

According to DR. OZ …


. you have a strong appetite and often feel hungry soon after eating

. you crave mostly fatty, salty foods like fries and chips.

. you’re prone to feeling wired and tired, especially after eating carbs- they give you fast energy,but soon after eating, your sleepy

. you tend to be talkative and outgoing .

. you have a family history of having type 1 or type 2 diabetes ( or have one of the conditions yourself)

. your body is strong and stocky.

. Your immune system is strong – you rarely catch whats going around such as illnesses and flu viruses.


.you have a weak appetite and sometimes forget to eat because you just aren’t hungry.

. You mostly crave  sweets like cake and candy.

. yOu often rely on caffeinated drinks to keeps your energy levels up.

. consuming meals rich in protein( like meats) makes you feel bloated or sluggish.

. you’ve been described as ambitious and organized but often feel stressed and tend to be sensitive.

. You have long limbs, and your body seems to be built for endurance rather than strength.

. you often catch circulating illnesses like colds and flus.


.You’re appetite is unpredictable, so sometimes you’re starving between meals and other times you can go hours without eating.

.You crave sweet and salty food ( like chocolate -covered peanuts).

.you feel tired after eating meals or snacks  that don’t have a balanced mix of nutrients ( like like a candy bar or a slice of cheese and crackers.)

.you tens to be anxious.

.your prone to aches and pains.

 .you have an athletic build and can excel at both strength and endurance- related tasks.

. if you skip meals or eat junk you’ll catch any bug that’s going around.


     In order to lose the weight you need to eat foods that are for your metabolic type. So if your a tigress you need to eat 50% proteins, 30% fats, and 20% carbs to lose the weight and be healthy. If you are a Gazelle then you need to eat 70% carbs, 20% proteins, and 10%fats. If you are a fox then you need to eat 33% carbs , 33%proteins and 33% fats …

 So according to the studies tat Dr.OZ has done you need to eat for your body type in order to lose the un wanted weight and be healthy along with moderate exercise  and being active.

Eat healthy to Be Healthy……