Image  Massage was and is looked at by many people as a luxury, something for rich people but this is absolutely not true. An investment in a Massage is an investment into your overall health. Many studies have shown that massage done on a regular routine basis have a big change in overall health benefits. With people who have injuries and scar tissues, a massage can actually break down those adhesions to make less scar tissue and a better overall scar appearance.

     Massage is also shown to reduce stress and anxiety which in the long run lead to heart attacks and other bodily diseases. Yes a massage feels great it’s suppose to, otherwise you wouldn’t relax enough for it to do its job.

     People who suffer from Fibromyalgia, as I do would greatly benefit from receiving routinely done massages. People with Fibromyalgia are in constant wide spread pain. A pain so intense that it it can become very debilitating for an individual.

    This is a true story ;

          My name is Kathy I’m the owner and a LMT ( licensed massage therapist ) @ OMBodyworks Massage & Wellness and I suffer from Fibromyalgia. I have always felt this overwhelming sense of pain 24/7 for as long as I can remember . I thought it was just a part of life until seven years ago when I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. They put me on pain medications ,special diets even relaxation techniques and still it didn’t seem to help very much. When I started my schooling to become a LMT, I learned that the body responds in many different ways. When we were being taught different massage modalities I started getting used to having massage bodywork done at least three to four times a week doing trades with other students. As an assignment I had to seek out a real LMT have a massage done then write a one page paper on it critiquing it. So i did so and that started me on a journey of getting professional bodywork done every few weeks. after the first couple of massages I began to see and feel some difference in how I felt but as I grew as a Massage Therapist so did my collueges and I was still getting a massage three times a week in class. By the end of my schooling I realized that while I was having this massage bodywork done my body felt great , I was more mobile ,almost no pain the majority of the time and best of all I was taking considerably less pain medication than I ever was before. Now that I am out of school and a LMT out in the real world , I still continue to get regular massage bodywork done because for me it keeps this monster in check and I can do every thing I’ve ever wanted to do that I couldn’t before because of the pain. Other  suffers of fibromyalgia that i have spoken to have all said the same thing that while they were receiving regular massages it would considerably decrease what they felt with their Fibromyalgia symptoms.

     So to reiterate that Massage bodywork is not all fru fru and powder puff work, It actually has a medical benefit side for the human body to it and an investment in Massage bodywork is an investment into your future health.

     I’m hoping this blog is of good information for you and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and reading it …….. Namaste !    

     Kathy @ OMBodyworks Massage & Wellness